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The Hidden Warning Sign

Wen Bloom

Developing Conviction

Healthy Rise

Prepare Now

Party Like it's October 2017

The Chop-Chop

Mining the Data

Preparing for the Bitcoin ETF

Capital Flow

Finding Direction

Relief Rally or Resume the Trend - Part 1

What the Ethereum Upgrade Means for ETH's Price

Crypto Shopping List Part 2

Peace, Love, and Bulls


Look at the Demand, Not Supply

A Crypto Gospel

In Search of Pools

Continued Silence

Eye on the Dollar

Slow Dancing in a Burning Room

State of Affairs

Broken Record


When to Strike

Fear Mongering

Irrationally Impatient

Zero Gravity

Taking the Bait

Patient Parabolas

The Scapegoats, Elon and Retail

No Man's Land

Early Signs of Life

We are Not Out of The Woods

The Final Flush

When Does it End?

It Was On-Chain

Finding Waypoints in the Aftermath

Standing Alongside Giants

Little Here, Little There

Be Ready

A Perfect Concoction: ETH

Gaining Momentum

Market Synchronization

Not As Steady As It Looks

Purging Irrationality in Crypto

A Tally Mark for the Supercycle

Bitcoin Trading Cheat Codes

Grayscale Effect Update

Altseason is Near

The Valuation Series: Part One

He's Back

Wise Advice

A Higher Trajectory

Not a Coincidence

How a Market Maker Gets Rekt

We Remain Steadfast

Scary Predictable

Has Jarvis AI Gone Crazy

Crypto's Tectonic Plates

The Liquidity Crisis Part Two: ETH

A Feeling Out Period

Anxious Boredom

The Valuation Series


Your Friend Just Called

Network Resiliency

Happy Expiry

Another Weapon

The Grayscale (GBTC) Effect

Pablo is back

Who Crashed the Market?

The Pi Cross

It's All Lining Up for Bitcoin

More Upside, Less Downside

Miners Continue to Hoard

Prepare Now to Perform Later

Adding Fuel to Fire

The Market's Risk Appetite is Growing

If BTC Goes Higher, It'll Run

Institutions Are Busy

Coiling Up

BTC is Still in Accumulation

Eyes on the Next Altseason

Powell Checks to the Market

Mid-Week ChainPulse

Miners are Bullish

Weekly ChainPulse Report

Weekend Chainpulse

$1.78 Million per BTC

Ominous REKTage

Reset the Fomo

Monday Market Update

Market Update - TGIF

Market Update

Bitcoin's Current Crisis

Changing of the Guard

Monday Market Update

Price Tends to Rise After This

Derivative FOMO

It's July 2017

When Will Bitcoin's Top Happen?

Monday Market Update

Welcome To Espresso

Ethereum will be worth 3x California

We learn more tomorrow

Don't believe everything you see

Bible sized market update

Weekend Recap

Here's the line of demarcation

Nothing Happened

Let's Hope The FED Does Nothing

Why ETH beat BTC last two weeks

Certain of uncertainty

Bitcoin : More consolidation ahead

Why track the blockchain ?

They just turned off


Is it worth it?

Compounding Amplified

Market Update

The Media on Grayscale

Tether FUD

Your Enemy

They left

6% per month

Tell them it'll drop 50%

Exchange flows Snapshot

Bitconnect on-chain

JPM Coin will hit Ethereum

Old Wallets Woke Up So We Bought

We Found the Culprit

Here's why you want a drop

Today is Today

Flows That Matter

Thank you 2020