As you have well said, with the advent of the POS, structural selling is practically wiped out.

But I also believe that in the future with the advent of roll-ups, and sharding, gas fees will be reduced.

In addition, we add that the reward is proportional to the stake deposited, this in the future could lead to a higher emission than today, but in any case always at a level of ~-70% from the POW emission.

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It very well could be that gas fees are reduced in the future thanks to scaling solutions.

It could also be that scaling solutions enable so much more usage of Ethereum that gas does not go lower at all, but rather much, much higher.

Imagine if Ethereum became the settlement layer to a myriad of successful rollups, all "talking" to Ethereum. Millions of people using rollups every day, and these rollups using Ethereum as their settlement layer. The demand for blockspace (aka the use of the chain) would be much higher than now. And these roll-ups would not be as constrained by gas prices as normal users.

Also bear in mind, it only took a couple of silly Ponzi games to turn Ethereum deflationary. If both PoS and EIP-1559 had been active during the bull market, or even just the NFT season, ETH supply would have shrunk massively.

To your second point, what you say is absolutely correct. In fact, the website we took some of th ETH supply images from has a handy tool that tells you what the supply of ETH would be depending on ETH staked and base gas fee of the chain. Do check it out:


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Oct 21, 2022Liked by Kodi, Ben Lilly

All correct, the fact is that as a human being apart from a few science fiction windows, it is really difficult to identify the positioning of a project. We have already had some experience with Facebook, for example, there is an interview in which Mark believed that FB was only for students ... Today it is much more than a social network with a user base that touches 3 billion.

All valid hypotheses but the true impact is unknown.

I am extremely confident across the crypto line, excluding BTC I am extremely confident for Ethereum. When I see Ethereum today I feel like I am seeing Microsoft in its infancy. When I see Buterin it seems to see Gates, but in a more human version.

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